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Ohh updated. [05 Aug 2006|03:22am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Well, I finally went to a dentist. Yes, my worst fear. Well, on the first visit I got a root canal, if that wasnt scarry enough, it accually wasnt that tooth next to it absessed and I had to get another root canal last wednesday. Which is all well and fine EXCEPT! The infection was so bad in the other tooth that they couldnt numb it, therefor left them drilling a hole into my tooth without being numb. Then injecting novicane straight into my tooth to get it numb. That was fun, let me tell you. It was over quick, which is a very good thing b/c I cant even remember the pain.

Everything was all well and fine until later on that night where my face swelled up like a fuckin ballon. Well, I went back to the dentist the next day and he told me it was normal. Told me to keep taking the Antibiotics he perscribed to me (Z-Pak) and take the new pain killers he gave me (Lorcet) for pain. Well its the end of day number 2, the swelling has gone down a hell of alot, but the tooth is still sore so I cant bite down all the way. I havent been able to bite down all the way for about 4 days. Not fun.

And today started a new development, while my wonderful best friend was here eariler taking care of me and being my chaffur, I felt some weird liquid run down my tooth, so naturally I touched it with my tongue, holy shit it tastes SOOOO NASTY!

Again, I called the dentist and he told me it was completely normal and thats just the infection draining out, helping the swelling go down, so I now know what an infection tastes entertaining.

I have to go back on wednesday again and my 21st birtyhday is a few days after so hes going to have to chill with the dental work and pain meds until after so I can drink for my b-day! I've missed 2 days of work already and I hope I can go back tomorrow night. Well see how it is in the AM though. But its cool, b/c I went and got myself a birthday present after the dentist on Wednesday, GUITAR HERO! That game is so much fun, speaking of this fun game, im going to go play now.

I hope everyone enjoyed my horror stories from my dental activities from the past two weeks, and im sure there will be more to come. Woot...Night.

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Nasty Customers [19 Jul 2006|05:57pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

In my year and 3 months working at Blockbuster, i've never had a nasty customer such as the one I had today. I;ve had mean customer,s but this one topped it all. Here's the story:

Me: Ma'am, two of these movies are cover boxes ::Scans movies:: we have one of them, let me get it for you ::goes and gets movie::

Me: Ma'am, do you have your blockbuster card?

Bitch: No, they usually look it up by my last name

Me: Ma'am, im sorry, but I need some kind of photo ID, like your drivers license, do you have that?

Bitch: You mean I have to get you my drivers license to pull me up? ::under breath:: jesus fucking christ

Me: Yes, please ::Hands me license, I pull up the account::

Me: You'r total is 9.57, debit or credit?

::no answer from old hag::

Me: Ma'am, debit or credit

Bitch: ::shoves her credit card directly in my face:: Does this look like a debit card to you? Its a master card, see, CITI MASTER CARD, have you ever seen a debit master card before? I want credit, NOW

Me: Ma'am, yes I have, okay, hit the green button and slide your card

Bitch: ::puts her credit card away:: You mean I have to slide it!?!?!

Me: Uhm...yes?

Bitch: Oh my god...

Me: Okay ma'am, here you go, have a nice day ::Puts movies on edge of the counter::


Me: Ma'am, I cant, you will let off the alarm if you walk out with them in your hands, thats why I put them here

Bitch: I want to go look for another movie, if you want to keep them up herem then fine ::walks away::

Me: Tells Eric (CSR) That I will not ring her up, then soon after she walks back up

Bitch: I didnt find anything I wanted

Eric: Okay, here are your movies, have a nice day


Eric: ::hands her reciept::

Bitch: And you tell that girl that she needs to learn how to treat her customers ::Walks out::

fdgljkndflkgjnfgj FUCK THAT! They wouldnt have made me a fucking manager if I didnt know how to treat my customers. That bitch pissed me off. I hate the mass amount of old people in West Boynton, the end.

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Finally [20 Jun 2006|01:15am]
[ mood | content ]

My computer is finally DONE. It took forever, but oh well.

1 MSI ATX Motherboard with a GeForce 6100 graphics card intergrated
1 AMD Athalon 64 2.0 gHz processor
1 Simple Tech Gig DDR RAM
Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2
3 Thermaltake Blue LED 80mm Fans
1 Antec 500 watt Power Supply
1 Seagate 40GB Internal Harddrive
1 Seagate 250GB Internal SATA Harddrive
1 Lite-on CD-ROM Drive
1 Plextor 16X DVD/CD RW+/-

If anyone knows what any of that means, then you know :)

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THis will be my retarded post. [13 May 2006|01:44am]
[ mood | confused ]

Okay so I am retarded. It starts like this, I meet a guy, I like the guy, or so I think, then one simple little comment, action or what have you throws me off and sets me the wrong way. From then on its all I can think about and it bothers me.


I meet a guy, I find nothing wrong with him, I like him, then it just dosent work out.

I used to say that I want a boyfriend and that I dont want to be single anymore. Now, after I meet someone, it seems like all I want to do is be single. Then mystically alot of "other" guys start popping up here and there that as well, seem like good oportunities, and I cant decide, wind up with nothing like from the beginning and then start this entire grueling process over again.

Ill admit, im very picky, and I never used to be this way, which is probably why it bothers me more so then it used to. I've tried to control it, maybe seeing the lighter side instead of just getting frusturated and saying fuck it without thought, which is the easy way.

I cant make up my mind, it seems the more the guy likes me, the more I push them away, and vice versa. So then I think, how can I want to have a boyfriend while in the process do all of this? Possibly because im still young and shouldnt have to settle just yet? Or there is that possibility of not having enough expericnces to REALLY know how to handle it?

I have issues, lol.

My friends have alot to do with it as well. If they find one thing wrong with the person, or just ANYTHING that makes them dislike the person, I start paying closer attention, and loosing my best friends or loosing a guy just seems like the right way to go would be to ditch the guy. Because your friends are usually right in the end, and all you can do is hope that they forgive you after its all said and done.

Again, I have issues...

BAH, goodnight.

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Stupid fuck. [08 May 2006|12:29am]
[ mood | shocked ]

So tonight was an all around good day at work. Until about 11:30 when this guy that has come in about 2 times previously came in. He looks like a bum and he always comes in and brings me a few blue locks, which are clear cases we use to keep retail games and new movies in so they arent eaisly stolen. Thoes thing are almost impossible to unlock without the magnet system we have up front. Well, I have been very nice to this guy both of the times he has come in asking to keep the locks.

Well he came in tonight and asked again, I told him yes, then he went to the game section and was looking for retail games to buy. He was there for quite a while, and there was only 2 other people in the store, a couple. So I finished with them, as I was trying to watch this guy b/c he was kinda creepin me out. He never stayed to look for games before. He decided "not to buy anything" and wanted to rent a game. PS2-Gun. Well he gets up to the counter and realizes that he cant find his wallet (Bullshit), so hes walking around the game section where he was looking for it. So I was following him, "helping him look" b/c he was starting to make me nervous.

Anyway, as he walked out the door with nothing but a blue lock in his hand, he beeped. And he didnt beep when he came in, I know this b/c I was up front and there was no one else walking in the store. He didnt run, he came back in when I asked him too and he made up some bullshit story about having knee surgery and how it trips up the system sometimes and how they dont even let him into walmart anymore b/c he always beeps (Again, bullshit).

So he figures it was because of that side of the door, so he walked around to the other door and said he was going to see if he beeped there. He also would only lift up one arm. I walked around him and I didnt see anything suspicious. Well after he beeped at the other door (The one he walked in and didnt beep when he first came into the store) I called my other employee up front incase of anything.

Then I started questioning him. I asked him 3 times if he had anything, he assured me he didnt. I stood infront of the door so he would have to go past me and my other employee to get out. THen I walk to the side a little bit and I see something in his shirt, I know hes got shit, and I want him to give it to me. I told him that it wasnt cool that he was stealing something from me after I was so nice to him both times he had come in. He kept pleading with me that he didnt have anything under his shirt. I was afraid to ask him to lift it incase he had some kind of a weapon of any kind. So I kept baggering him about it and Bill, my other employee said, "well if its your knee that sets it off, then put your knee infront of the door and see if it beeps." He did, and it didnt beep.

Now I was sure he had something, so I kept baggering him, saying how its not cool that he would steal from me, and he needs to give me my games back. Finally he gave in, put his other hand underneath his shirt and pulled out 3 games. 2 PS2(I cant remember which ones) and 1 Xbox(Tony Hawk's American Wasteland). Combined total of over 100 dollars in games. He appologized to me and walked out.

Yes, I should have called the cops, but then again, he had plently of chances to run out of the store, and I was afraid that he had a gun or some kind of weapon on him. We've got him on camera, and I checked the tape, so it was recording. Im going to let Corey handle it tomorrow.

Shit was fucked up. But at least I got my games back. Agh, sometimes Blockbuster is dangerous. Sad, but true.

Alright, thats all I have for this thing tonight. Until next time.

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Ohhh yeaaaa [05 Apr 2006|07:21pm]
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[03 Apr 2006|11:54pm]
[ mood | content ]

Wow. Forever and a day.

I have nothign to say on this thing anymore. Today was a good day. Bonded with my sister like crazy, which never happens, so I was excited. I did NOTHING today. I woke up at 2, havent done that in forever. Layed around, hung out with my sister...yadda yadda 7:30 went to the gym. Worked out, went to Wendy's, went to Karens sisters house, yadda yadda came home. Doing laundry which is much needed and cleaned my room. The rest of the night will consist of watching Porky's and waiting for my clothes to dry. And of course, the usual myspace checking every hour or so. Poissibly less depending on how lazy I am to get up, walk across my room (To thoes that dont know, its quite a few steps since I have a huge room) and check it. But I think I shall start that movie now since its midngiht and I have to be up at 8 for work.

LJ, lata

One eYed bandiT

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Heh... [24 Jan 2006|03:22pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Just as it seems like you're getting ahead, you seem to be pushed right back. Its cute. I love it. I think I need to stop worrying about certain things, but its so hard. And its even harder to just flat out not care. Because when you do that, you might miss the opportunity. Either way its a loose/loose situation.

Life is a catch 22. You cant make everyone happy by yourself, so instead, you make yourself happy, and in turn, that makes everyone else happy. Weird?

Sorry I never update and when I do, they suck...

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New Years Eve [01 Jan 2006|04:36am]
[ mood | calm ]

Tonight wasnt that great. All my plans went wrong, work was BUSY as HELL, holy shit. People giving attitude, forgetting to get half of the numbers from one register, it was cute.

Then Joli came and picked me up. We went to Katrinas, which was weird, entertaining if anything. Rik and Jessica were there. I love them :).

Then we went to Chads and watched the ball drop.

Traci, Ahern, Bret, Rik, Jessica, P, and Ashley were there.

Happy fuckin NEW YEAR! Goodbye 05', hello 06'!

Yea, thats about all youll get from me. Now I gotta get used to writing 06 instead of 05, heh.

Anyway, then I went home and John, Bill, Amy and Jessy came over, we chiled for a little bit, went to the Gables and Dri met up with us there. She stayed for a bit, brought a whole bottle of Jack and Coke and shortly after, left.

We chilled for a little bit longer then we all dipped out too.

Now im here and tired as fuck. The fog tonight was INSANE! Holy shit, John could NOT see infront of him. It was so bad, i'd never seen it that bad before. It was crazy. John and I stopped at my park for a little bit and sat on the swings, chatted, the here I am.

I have my window open, and I cant see the neighbors house. Fuckin ridiculous.

Okay, that was my night, shitty, bored, and same old shit. Whatever though.


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You know... [18 Dec 2005|02:50pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

You really dont know how people can be. Its disgusting. Fucking disgusting. I had a good night last night and then it ended horribly. I cant belivie it. It just wont sink in. All I do is cry and think that I could have done more. Im so upset and sick. Not hung over at all, but sick as hell and I have to go to work. I feel so bad and theres nothing I can do. Thank god it didnt go any further. I cant get it off my mind and tonight at work is going to suck.

The end.

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You know how I know you're gay? [15 Dec 2005|03:28pm]
[ mood | content ]

Somehow I didnt forget about LJ. Due to my lack-o-updates, one would think it was all forgotten. Which it was not.


Work is good, I got a raise, and a promotion, that is sweet. I am now a shiftlead. Woot, Management, holla!


School is good too, tis where I am now. We are having this picnic thing, cake, burgers, ect.. Fat girl full :)

I've been hangin out with Dri alot lately. I dont care what anyone says, shes the shit, and shes not talkin shit. Its so pathetic that people are seriously that bored.

Moving on.

I dont feel good. I have cramps and im going to go and drink my pepsi and play on myspce until my teacher decides to start teaching.


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My my...haha. [19 Nov 2005|05:43am]
[ mood | amused ]

Fist Over Fist X: wasted!
LIttle2Eyez666: Retarded
LIttle2Eyez666: =
LIttle2Eyez666: You
Fist Over Fist X: YES
Fist Over Fist X: I have acrush
LIttle2Eyez666: Again
LIttle2Eyez666: Retarded
Fist Over Fist X: noway
Fist Over Fist X: adriann leftme for ryan
LIttle2Eyez666: Your at her house?
Fist Over Fist X: Haha yea
LIttle2Eyez666: Do you ever go home?
LIttle2Eyez666: I hope your puking right now
LIttle2Eyez666: Fagoot
LIttle2Eyez666: I jsut played Tony Hawk American Wasteland for 2 and 1/2 hours straight, my eyes are popping out of my skull. Im going to sleep.
LIttle2Eyez666: Have fun passing out. It'd be even better if you did it in your own vomit
LIttle2Eyez666: Then tell me about it all tomorrow
LIttle2Eyez666: <3
Fist Over Fist X: what
Fist Over Fist X: i'm wated
Fist Over Fist X: wastred even
Fist Over Fist X: hahah
LIttle2Eyez666: Goodnight retard
Fist Over Fist X: JHhahaha
Fist Over Fist X: Wait
Fist Over Fist X: Have I showed you my crush?
LIttle2Eyez666: I hope you know im posting all of the above on my LJ
LIttle2Eyez666: I do belive so.
Fist Over Fist X: Hold
Fist Over Fist X: I'm watesd that's not fair
LIttle2Eyez666: Yea...I definately think you did
LIttle2Eyez666: Exactly.
LIttle2Eyez666: But im really tired
LIttle2Eyez666: So stfu
Fist Over Fist X: Wait
Fist Over Fist X: f that s
LIttle2Eyez666: And pass the fuckkkkkkkk out
Fist Over Fist X: http://www.myspace
LIttle2Eyez666: You tell me to wait one more time im going to come to Dri's and hit you over the head with one of your empty beer bottles
LIttle2Eyez666: You ALREADY sent me that
LIttle2Eyez666: Moron
LIttle2Eyez666: :)
Fist Over Fist X: Oh...
LIttle2Eyez666: I told you this
Fist Over Fist X: Well, he's fukcin' hot
LIttle2Eyez666: And your fuckin drunk
LIttle2Eyez666: Or "Wasted"
Fist Over Fist X: andi have a crush
Fist Over Fist X: WASteD!
LIttle2Eyez666: Wow
LIttle2Eyez666: ::Posting::
Fist Over Fist X: Oh mam//
Fist Over Fist X: man, even
LIttle2Eyez666: Just stop talking now, save yourself, hah
LIttle2Eyez666: Goodnight
Fist Over Fist X: Hahhaha
Fist Over Fist X: good night, hoe

Just a fine display of what Karolynn is like really trashed....excuse me..."Wasted". Oi.

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You know.... [16 Nov 2005|04:15pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Every single time I think I might just have something good goin, and I want to act like a mature adult about it, theres always ALWAYS SOMEONE or SOMETHING there to fuck it all up. Even though other peoples actions in theory shouldnt reflect on my actions, apparently it does.

Thank you

Time for work, yet another screw job.

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List [10 Nov 2005|11:53pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Heres a list of reasons why tonight sucks so much ass....

1. Got screwed out of 100 dollars on my paycheck.
2. Got the rag extremely early.
3. Broke my cellphone. Yes, Its broken. I tossed it to Corey, not even hard, and it landed on the carpet, but it still broke, AKA piece of shit and now I have to spend oh, 100 dollars that I dont have to buy a new one
4. Didnt get to hang out with David tonight. Why? B/c I couldnt call him...why? Because I broke my cellphone.
5. The food at Denny's sucked.
6. Corey being "sick" and not wanting to do a god damn thing. Everyone else, couldnt call, why? B/c I dont know their numbers by heart and they are in my FUCKING CELLPHONE.
7. My KoRn CD skips like a mother fucker
8. Stuck in ridiculous traffic on my way to school. AKA a normal 20 minute drive into an hour.
9. Feeling like shit.
10. Fuck you.

Have a nice night.

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Forgivness? Appologizing? Fuck off! [04 Nov 2005|03:01am]
[ mood | amused ]

PUNKboi: Hey Nicole
LIttle2Eyez666: What do you want?
PUNKboi: To say hi.
LIttle2Eyez666: Wonderful
PUNKboi: So we can't even be friends?
LIttle2Eyez666: How does fuck you sound?
PUNKboi: Okay I get the point.
PUNKboi: Sorry.
LIttle2Eyez666: Sure
PUNKboi: I dated one person since me and you stop talking.
LIttle2Eyez666: HAH
LIttle2Eyez666: Wow
LIttle2Eyez666: Yup, you're a fuckin asshole
PUNKboi: And I was the moron...who fucked up.
LIttle2Eyez666: Yea yea yea, heard it before
LIttle2Eyez666: What do you know, heard it from YOU
PUNKboi: :-/
PUNKboi: Well I guess I will let you be.
LIttle2Eyez666: Yup, worthless
PUNKboi: I'am truly sorry...take it as you want..
PUNKboi: But I know..
LIttle2Eyez666: You dont
PUNKboi: Nicole,I know I have wrong you.Possibly was a complete and utter asshole to you...and i'am truly might not think it...even after whatever was done I felt like a complete dumbass....I just want you to know thats how I are goin to be bitter I understand.I just wanted you to know i'am do not need to accept it just ackowledge it.
LIttle2Eyez666: Wait, do you save conversations?
LIttle2Eyez666: B/c do belive you've told me ALL of this before
LIttle2Eyez666: Wow.
daPUNKboi: Do I have to beg at your feet for forgivness?
LIttle2Eyez666: Thats childish
PUNKboi: Then what do I have to do?
LIttle2Eyez666: Nothing
PUNKboi: So there is nothing I could possibly do?
LIttle2Eyez666: I dunno, havet givin it, more or less you, any thought at all.
PUNKboi: So your saying not once you thought how I was doin?
LIttle2Eyez666: Nope
daPUNKboi: So is this pointless.
PUNKboi: or amusing?
LIttle2Eyez666: Both
LIttle2Eyez666: :)
PUNKboi: Well I just IM to say sorry.
LIttle2Eyez666: For the 40th time
PUNKboi: I'm sorry
LIttle2Eyez666: 41
PUNKboi: theres the 41th time.
PUNKboi: Sorry...there is there 42nd time.
LIttle2Eyez666: I dont care to hear it anymore
PUNKboi: Okay sorry bye
PUNKboi: 43 time..

Ahhhm fuckin boys. I know I havent updated in forever, I figured this was a good enough occasion :)


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Wooooo [26 Aug 2005|01:30am]
[ mood | dorky ]

So. Things have been going pretty well lately.

Work is goin good, minus the fact that I want to beat the shit outta one of the guys I work with. Shithead.

Been hangin out with Chris alot lately. I do believe I like him :)

Been off school for a week, it was nice to not have to rush right after work every other night. But thats all over now, starts up again on Monday.

I;ve watched 3 movies tonight. That is horrible. I watched Cruel Intensions, Corky Romano, and Monster In Law. All were good.

This bullshit storm got me outta work at 7:30, but stuck me at home all night. It went by pretty fast its like what? 1:30? I gotta open tomorrow, which is going to suck, but I get out of work at 3, then I gotta get re-pretty and wait for Chris and Eddie to come pick me up. Not having to drive and not sitting at home = Good times.

I have the rest of the weekend off too. Which is pretty cool.

Im making a point to hang out with Corey at least once this weekend, since she's been sick, AKA Puffer fish, hahaha. Poor Corey. We will prolly go see 40 Year old Virgin or go ice skating. Something must be done....something.

Alright, enough of my ramblings, im gonna say hi and goodbye to Chris then go to sleep, maybe ill wake up for work on time :-P.

Later bitches.

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Cant you feel the posion rising. [17 Aug 2005|12:06am]
[ mood | relieved ]

So yesterday my grandmother passed away. Today was the funeral, and my aunt and uncle, both my mom's best friends. my dad, my sister, mom and I were all there, and a few other people that I didnt know too.

It wasnt all that bad, im more or less relieved that shes now happy and not suffering like she was for a long time.

Changes o' changes

My grandfather is moving in with us soon as my shitty aunt and uncle go back to their cave in NY. Were movin him in here until he can find a place down in boynton that he likes to start over. Which is good b/c no more of this west palm driving bullshit. Its not fun, plus he needs to be around his family and not alone right now.

My mom isnt going back to work until he gets setteled so she can take care of him, which again is awesome b/c now she can relax, and tan, cook, and do shit she USED to do before she started working where she works now. Woot, good dinner! :)

I joined Planet Fittness with Corey, we've been going alot and eating better too, I love it, working out and such, I feel so much better afterwards, and soon enough, I shall look better too :-D

I havent been to work in 4 days, I had saturday and Sunday (My 20th birthday) Off and Monday also, and I was supposed to work today, but I had to make other arrangements. I am having work withdrawls, I need to get back to WORK! I'm there sooo much to not be there for 4 days in a row. Its disturbing. I do work tomorrow though 12-6.

Its been so shitty for the last two months, espically with my mom and all, going through this hell. But now its finally starting to look up. Money situation without my mom working is accually okay, and my mom is much happier, so I know everything is going to be okay, gonna take a few weeks, but it'll be right back to normal.

Alright, im tired, gonna go do my online thing then get ready for bed, I accually have to work tomorrow. WOOT! Money.

Paid this Friday...WOOT, more money!!


<3 Nikole

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Changes....Lots... [04 Aug 2005|07:07pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Well, work has been going awesome.

Although, some changes are going to be made as of next week.

My store manager, Tami is leaving, moving over to CVS b/c they offered her more money, and shed be crazy if she didnt take it.

My assistant store manager, Corey is transfering to the Boynton and Congress store.

I myself and transfering over to Boynton and Congress as well. Should be good times, the store manager there is awesome, no Tami, but shes just fine.

I leave starting next monday, I think anyway, Im not too sure how its going to all work out, its so confusing.

I have 3 pay raises comming to me in the next month or so, that should be awesome, plus my promotion which is even better.

Tonight at midnight Tami is gathering everyone to the store to tell everyone that she is leaving.

Its going to suck and im gonig to get upset.

But on a lighter note, Saturday is warped tour, and im going with Chris<3, Corey, Eddie, Nadine, Mac and Abra. Should be good times. MMM Atreyu. MMM A7X. And I get paid tomorrow, which means I also buy Corey and my tickets tomorrow. Good shit.

Then I have to close, but that will be okay, we got Patricia the moron, Susan the snail, and Corey and I. Lol. Oh man, too many things

Alright, im done now, gonna go get something from the BK Lounge..I CANT HEAR YOU BK BRIOLER! talk to Chris, then dip. Lata bitches.


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PARTAYYYY [12 Jun 2005|02:05am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Tongiht was Traci;s birthday party.

I brought my assistant manager with me. Everyone loved her, so thats a definate thumbs up, I didnt want her to feel outta place. But then again, my friends own you.

Played poker, lost 10 bux. Rik, once again, robbed my ass.

Played some pool.

Everyone was there. It was awesome. I love chad, he is the MAN for letting Traci have this whole deal.

Traci and Frankie made out???

ALLRIGHTTTTtt, giddity, giddity, giiidddiiityyyy

I gotta work tomorrow at effin 10 AM. I just got outta the shower, washing my work clothes. I open with Corey tomorrow, which is awesome b/c shes buying me coffee for when I get there. Woot woot.

Clerks is on, so im gonna go watch that, wait for my clothes to dry, thne go sleepy. G'night everyone.

Awesome party Traci :)


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Shift Leader? [04 Jun 2005|02:56am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I figured I;d update, since for once, I;ve accually been really busy, and not just not haivng anything to talk about.

So I;ve been working my ASS of lately.

Monday - 10-7
Tuesday - 12AM to 6 AM(Inventory)
Wednesday - Firstr 5-9, then I decided to get someone to cover for me, then I got a phone call saying "Please come to work, I dont want to work with Kelly, I want to work with you" - So, I went into work, was supposed to leave at 10, didnt end up leaving until 1 AM.
Thursday - 10-5
Friday - 10=6
Saturday - OFF
Sunday - 5-11

Kelly put in her two weeks notice today, which was expected, hung out with my assistant manager tonight, b/c shes cool as fuck, and absolutely loves me.

My manager, apparently adores me

And the only CSR's that matter, love me too.

Joli now has a job with me, which is awesome, she starts prolly sometime next week.

Corey (ASM) was telling me tonight that she is going to start training me to be a shift leader, since I already do all the shit she does, b/c apparently she has a feeling that the manager is going to make me shift leader really soon, so itll cut out some of the training.

I work my ass off for that place, and I cant wait to spend money.

MMM Paychecks. Lovin it.

Wow, if I become shift leader...ill be Joli's boss....ALLLLRIIIGGGHHTTT

Okay, im off to sleep, since I accualyl get to do that for once this week.


Please, Enlighten me...

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